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We Won, We Won! The SLC Report

Although I was initially reluctant to attend, thinking that it would be a complete waste of a day, I am so happy that I did sign up and follow through with attending the SLC. If I am still at UBC next year, attending the SLC will be a must on the years agenda.

For me, the SLC started with a breakfast in Buchanan D's Free Space Area (who's name I forgot). Although I appeared well before the actual conference, I still felt as though I had arrived late as a presentation was taking place and the room was already packed. (8:15am) I was able to pick up a quick bite to eat, sign in, and meet up with a couple of emerging leaders who I had become aquainted with at the Emerging Leader's Conference back in November. They included: Edward (from my Chinese 104 class), Sean Kim (a fellow Emerging Leader who is hoping to become an RA, like myself), and William Cheong (a familiar and friendly face who I am getting to know more and more). It was a relief to see a couple of friendly and familiar faces in a crowd full of strangers, that's for sure!

The actual conference itself started with a performance from Lotus Child, a rock band I had never heard of. They reminded me a bit of Matchbox 20; I really enjoyed their perfomance. I'll have to look them up and actually attend a concert of theirs if possible.

Following that act was a cute and engaging skit based on this years theme for the conference, "activation". The skit involved a Chemistry proffessor and two pupils. As I am an Arts student with very little exposure to science laps/experiments, the displays of foaming-color-changing tubes fascinated me considerably. I wound up looking like a giddy five-year-old by the end of the performance.

Finally, an armchair chat followed with guest speakers Emma Preston (2008 Roadside Scholar Recipient), Steve Owen (Law Professor, Vice President of UBC Community Relations), and Jeff _________ (AMS President). The trio are all fantastic examples of leaders in the community, and they were able to share their tips on leadership to the audience.

Ms. Preston urged the audience to not go abroad in order to help communities. Rather, look to your own community to see how you can help. Secondly, she pressed the importance of knowing ones self thoroughly.

Mr. Owen spoke about critical skills, such as listening, taking your time, williness to understand, exposing yourself to many different situations in order to gain experience, and collaborative skills.

Jeff urged the audience to "find [their] place" and to "find [their] passion" in life.

All leaders basically pressed the importance of being an "authentic" leader. I completely agree.

Following the armchair chat, Sean, William, and myself headed to our featured speakers. We selected the "Global Community and International Relationships" with Bing Thom and ________. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Bing Thom in particular was a fascinating speaker. Both my companions and I had wished that he had spoken longer. I was particular struck by his architecture skills, especially in his home designs. I would love to one day be able to afford to live in one of his houses. The other speaker, _______, spoke about the dimensions of leadership. They are as follows:

1. From the Heart - Strong Belief / Passion / Drive
2. Intelligence / Attention / Courage / Gentleness
3. Ethics (Ethical Behaviour)

Some thoughts he shared:

"Think no small thoughts, and in no small measure think about what you will do."

"Find the creative force and be the protector of it."

"Always be taking the challenge of your time." - Basically, if you aren't feeling the stress or the pressure of the risk, then you are not one of the key players.

"Live a loving life. Reach out with both your hands and your heart."

"The more you know, the less you really know."

"Never accept, 'that's a given'; challenge the laws. Laws are only laws because we made them, therefore we have the power to change them as well."

Finally, during the question and answer period, an interesting question was raised by a member of the audience. They spoke about the rising cost of homes in Vancouver and how the speakers suggested we, as the new generation, overcome it. I believe it was Bing Thom who stated that people who come to Vancouver and buy vacation homes in which they hardly live, should be charged a fee as they are not residents in Vancouver, and it is the Vancouver-ites who have a more pressing need for housing. Quite honestly, I think it's brilliant, and I hope someone will make such an idea reality.

My second session was "How to Resolve Conflicts Effectively" with Bijan A____. (Note: Bijan, later in the day, received the Leadership Award. Congratulations!!) Although the session was not exactly 'fun', it was very useful and informative. This session explored what a conflict really is (Differences) and how to deal with everyone's underlying needs. Bijan stressed the importance of active listening and asking open-ended questions.

Following that session was the lunch break in which I lost all my companions, went to the information fair-thing, and then headed back to my last session in which...

WE WON! WE WON!! The Green Girls won Canada's Next Event Planners~! :D Probably my favourite session, Canada's Next Event Planners was informative, interactive, and engaging. The speakers were funny, informative, and easy to talk with. I learned a lot about event planning, the steps to be taken, and the work involved. I hope to one day that the information that I learned from this event and put it to use in the real world.

After the final session everyone returned to the Chan Centre. Bijan's award was given out, there was some more leadership-related talks by guest speakers and then the man of the hour made his appearance: Stephen Louis.

Words cannot eloquently describe the experience of listening to Stephen Louis. But to summarize my experience, I was touched. I cried twice, was filled with a passion to improve the world, and do something useful with my life. All in the span of an hour and a half. When I came back to the dormitory and mentioned listening to Stephen Louis to some of my floor mates, there was mixed reactions. A lot of people hadn't heard of him before, but the one who did, was not a fan in the slightest. I must admit, I didn't quite understand her line of reasoning as I was quite blown away by Stephen Louis, but to each their own.

Immediately following the conference, I went online and searched for the "Darfur 2008 Conference" in March. I sent off an application to be a volunteer...

Inspirember is an Emerging Leader's Capsul project. This journal covers and discusses the various activities I have participated in that count towards earning my Vice-President Emerging Leader recognition. This journal was started in December 2007 and will be finished sometime in March 2008.

What is the Vice-President Emerging Leader's Program you ask? Simply put, the VPELP helps new UBC students...

1. "Gain exposure to the strong culture of leadership and involvement on campus through participation in UBC leadership traditions"

2. "Participate in personal and leadership skill development activities in preparation to assume leadership roles within the UBC community and beyond" and

3. "Connect with other new students, current student leaders, and coordinators of leadership programs"

Who I am? My name is Amanda Daemmig, and I am a first-year undergraduate faculty of arts student majoring in ______. (It has yet to be decided.) My main focus area was originally Asian Languages and Culture, but it has since changed various times. I am still interested and somewhat focused on languages, however. I have eighteen-years-old, going on thirty in June.

I think that the VPELP is a great way for me to stay connected with the University, become involved in the community, and meet new people. Above all, the VPELP exposes me to a number of unique experiences that I wouldn't be able to experience on my own. (For example, Reading Week.) I work three part-time jobs to pay for school and gain work experience, and I attend classes full time. My days are fairly routine with a tight schedule, but thanks to the VPELP, I can switch it up a bit.

I think that by participating in the VPELP I will be able to grow more as not only a leader, but as a person as well.

11/24/2007 -
VPELP Kick Off Event
The program kicks-off during this event, where we meet our Peer Leader, our Pod and the other program participants; we also get to know more about what to expect throughout the year and the leadership program.

01/12/2008 -
Student Leadership Conference
The annual event will feature Stephen Lewis, as the keynote, moving presenters like Gary Poole and Stephen Owen, and over fifty interactive workshops. Come to learn. Come to support. Come to ignite your Activation Energy.

01/30/2008 -
Arts Career Expo
Ever wondered what you can do with your Arts degree? Find out where BA grads have taken their degrees by attending Arts Career Expo 2008.

02/18-20/2008 -
Reading Week
These projects will be a chance for you to get to know the community outside of UBC a little better, and to connect with other Emerging & Peer Leaders.

02/25-29/2008 -
International Week*
International Week is an exciting student initiative designed to promote global awareness through a series of events.

*Note: Program components 5 and 6 can be completed by participating in I.W.

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